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second home property management

Bespoke Properties offers second home management services on either a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly retainer basis so that looking after your vacation property is completely worry-free and at the frequency you need. Together, we build a personalized inspection checklist for your property to ensure the home and any vehicles are secure and functioning properly, and to help avoid any potential future issues. We report to you weekly or monthly via email or text and include digital photography when needed to point out any issues that may require attention. 

If you're not ready to commit to a home management plan, one-time home checks can be booked via our Services Page.


Services include, but are not limited to:

security + maintenance checks

  • Check + secure all doors and windows

  • Flush all toilets and run all plumbing fixtures

  • Ensure alarm system is turned on and functional

  • Act as emergency contact for security system (additional fee)

  • Alternate lights on + window shades so home appears occupied

  • Check circuit breaker box for tripped breakers

  • Check heating and cooling systems for correct operation and thermostat set appropriately

  • Check house for leaks (under sinks, toilets, + around water heater) and any kind of damage

  • Monitor for signs of mold/mildew

  • Check all window panes

  • Run dishwasher + garbage disposal

  • Visually inspect rooms, basements, garages for smells, sounds, + pests

  • Water indoor plants as requested

  • Check smoke alarms + replace batteries (as supplied by owner)

  • Check exterior of home for any possible siding + gutter issues, as well as seasonal hazards like ice dams and snow buildup

  • Take garbage cans in as necessary

  • Check hot tubs for leaks, cleanliness, and correct temperature

Modern House
Electric Car Charging Station


  • Start every car at the home

  • Ensure insurance and registration are up to date

  • Notify you if any service lights are on

  • Assist with car registration in Valley County so your vehicles are always ready to drive

mailbox checks + mail forwarding

  • Avoid the overflowing mailbox and unattended packages! During scheduled home visits, we will take all mail and on-site packages into your home. 

  • Remove unwanted flyers + newspapers from yard/mailbox

  • For those on the bi-weekly and weekly plans, we can forward mail and/or packages by request (mailing/shipping fees to be paid by owner)

Mail Boxes
Lawn Maintenance

arrange third party services

  • Promptly respond to emergencies, such as burst pipes, and assist with collecting quotes/scheduling non-emergency repair work as requested. 

  • Arrange third party services as needed, such as maintenance, regular yard + gardening, snow removal beyond what we manage, or hot tub services

  • If you utilize contracted third party services, we will let you know if anything appears to need attention following our scheduled visits

  • We can also meet vendors, provide access, and provide updates to owner as requested ($35 service fee if additional trip required, unless basic property assistance is used)

basic property assistance

  • The Bi-weekly + Weekly Plans, include either 1- or 2-hours of free la carte services, including:

    • Simple home maintenance (ie: changing light bulbs, assembling furniture, picture hanging, organization, etc.)

    • Housekeeping

    • Getting your home arrival ready, or taking care of any departure needs

    • Snow removal

    • Lawncare

    • Being present for deliveries or vendors

    • Seasonal activities (ie: getting skis tuned/waxed, stacking firewood, car wash, etc.)

  • If you let us know what you need, we can do it or will arrange a vendor who can

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